On the North Platte River, in the shadow of Chimney Rock, Nebraska


Tom and Grant Henning on their first hunt at Winemaker’s Island, November 2016

Captain Grant Henning operates Henning’s Guide Service in Southwest Louisiana. His guide service offers goose and duck hunting on over 4700 acres of rice farms in Louisiana. In addition to hunting geese and ducks on the Louisiana farms, Grant also offers goose and duck hunting on more than 2000 acres of marshland or impounded wetlands in Louisiana. After experiencing the exciting duck hunting adventure at Winemaker’s Island, Tom and Grant Henning thought that adding Nebraska waterfowl hunting at the North Platte River as an opportunity to Henning’s Guide Service customers would be a great alternative for those looking for a different type of waterfowl hunting experience..

2010 was the first season the ranch was opened to commercial hunting. Previously Sam’s family and friends had opportunities to hunt this property. With over six miles of river under controlled hunting—and by moving shooters from zone to zone—Winemaker’s Island is going to maintain a light hunting pressure on the game. Corn and alfalfa fields serve as feeding sites and excellent goose hunting areas.